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21 Aug 2015

Video: Interview on HuffPost Live

21 Aug 2015

Video: X Factor Brand New Trailer

18 Aug 2015

Body on Me ft. Chris Brown – Official Video

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3 Aug 2015

Video: The X Factor trailer

23 Jul 2015

Video: Diaries 2015 – Episode 5

8 Jul 2015

Video: Diaries 2015 – Episode 4

7 Jul 2015

Video: Rita Ora x Krept & Konan – Poison (Zdot Remix)

We recently unveiled Rita Ora’s exclusive Dirty Live for “Poison”, the first track from her long-awaited second album that, according to Rita, shows her progression as a storyteller.

The track itself, comes from a very personal place, dealing with her experience in poisonous relationships. “I’m not pointing fingers at anybody – it’s basically about all my exes combined”, she told Hunger. “I just thought that I’ve put enough songs out that are party tunes – that I’m so happy that people like, of course – but I wanted to put something out that was like, “you know what, this is what’s getting on my nerves right now”

At Wireless festival recently Rita switched it up, performing a remix of the hit with the UK’s freshest hip hop duo at the moment, Krept and Konan. Weren’t lucky enough to catch it live? Don’t worry, we’ve got the exclusive Dirty Video here. You can thank us later.

Source: Hunger TV

5 Jul 2015

Video: Rita Ora performing Poison on The John Bishop Show

Rita Ora – Poison (Live on the John Bishop Show) by ritaorasource

29 Jun 2015

Dirty Live: Rita Ora – Poison