“Tattoos to me are really kind of important. I think they’re just beautiful. I love tattoos. I think they’re another form of art.”

The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite holding her heart.
“This is my favorite. It’s the most in detail one. I just really love it and it’s holding my heart. I always believe that one person is going to control your heart when you find that love so she’s that person that’s going to control the love.”


Her best friend’s birthday on her arm


Sagittarius sign behind her ear


R for Rita behind her ear


Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
She also has ‘All is fair in love and war’ on her hip.


Promise, Love and Hope on her fingers


Anchor on her wrist
“I have an anchor on my wrist, it just keeps you grounded and shows strength.”


Her sister Elena Ora’s name in Hindi


Her brother’s name on her arm


Love Me


Wings on her ankle


A dove on the back of her neck


The “Memories of Olive” painting by Alberto Vargas on her rib cage