Rita Ora cuddles up to a giant bottle of Jack Daniel’s – 18th Oct

She’s been busy travelling and recording in the studio, so it’s only right that Rita Ora should kick back and enjoy a drink – and that’s exactly what she did on Friday. The 21-year-old singer tweeted a series of photos of herself enjoy some Jack Daniel’s, but it wasn’t just any old bottle of the famous stuff. Rita was spoiled for choice while in Nashville, Tennesee, as she found herself surrounded by different versions of the drink as well as giant bottle of the bourbon.

‘Which one should I taste first… even thought I already know what they all taste like! It’s an excuse’ she wrote along with a photo of herself licking a bottle. It was followed by a snap of her pouring a drink into a white plastic cup, with the caption: ‘OK first one… white rabbit.’

Later on she found herself posing in front of a life size statue of Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel himself, which she later posted a photo of saying: I finally found my husband… Mr Jack Daniels himself…. being cheeky tut tut.’